Maria SarantopoulouWelcome!
My name is Maria! At the age of five I used to play with wooden bricks, later at the age of ten I presented  a plan to my mom, how to turn our house into a maisonette. At the age of fifteen, I realized that this is what I want to do in my life, to create spaces. And I did it!

I studied interior design and for over 20 years now I live my dream, while at the same time I help people to transform their home or work environment into the space of their own dreams. As soon as I say what is my job the reaction is always "oh I need you!" and is followed by "where will I find a cover for my sofa?" or "I want to change the kitchen cupboards, do you have any carpenter to recommend me?" or "how should I arrange the furniture in the children's room in order my children to have more space to play? And the most classic question of all "what color (different versions play here)?"

It is a great pleasure for me to answer these questions. I love what I do and I never get tired of putting my mind to work to find the best solution.

If you are looking for ideas and solutions for your own space, among the texts and images of this page you will find the answer. If you do not find it or if you want more information on a topic, leave a comment and I promise to respond as soon as possible.