kondo 2 


"When you put your house in order, you also arrange what concerns you, your experiences, and history. That way, you can clearly see what is really needed in your life and what is not, ”says Marie Kondo, an expert in eliminating clutter.

small 2


A couple of years ago, while fooling around on youtube, I came across a video presentation of an apartment in Tokyo, of ​​only 8 square meters! There was no way I could get past it!

sofa dog 1


Having this in mind, Korean designer Sheungji Mun in collaboration with M.Pup company, created the model "Dog House Sofa". It is a sofa made of solid wood and fabric, in a modern line, which intents to make the relations between people and pets more harmonious.

moss 2


Nothing gives more life to a house than beautiful plants. If you are able to kill even a cactus (like me for example), do not be disappointed! There is a way to have natural green in your place without having to take care of it. Are you ready to learn more?