Merry Christmas


If you consider the classic Christmas tree obsolete and want something different, you may find inspiration here. Cool and unusual suggestions for those who are bored of the same old thing.

alternative 1

Do you have a library? A ribbon and a few pins are enough to turn bookshelves into a Christmas tree. If you do not want to "injure" the shelves, instead of pins you can use double-sided tape.


alternative 2

Are you a tech fan? Lanterns are an integral part of Christmas decoration. Rows of LEDs on plywood, in a simple linear pattern, form an elegant futuristic tree.


alternative 3

Do you have a spare ladder? This "tree" definitely breaks the tradition! Use a double vintage staircase, line, thread, or even thin ribbons and whatever Christmas ornaments you have. It fits better in a simple, minimalist space. As for the setup, you can improvise.