tips 1


Open your closet! The colors that you usually like to wear, are the ones that make you feel comfortable to have in your surroundings. So start with the color you choose more often for your clothes or that you prefer to wear in special occasions.

 In small spaces, choose light tones for the ceiling and the walls. If you want to use a dark color, emphasize only on one element.
White and light colors in general make a room seem larger, while dark ones make it seem smaller.
A room with a high ceiling looks lower, if you paint the ceiling and the walls, from a height of three meters and above, with a dark color and at the same time make sure to place the lamps also about at the same height.
When you want to "shrink" a space, for example a long corridor, you can paint the back wall in a warm color, while on the other hand, if you want to "enlarge" it, prefer a cool color.
You can add color to a room by painting the walls but also by choosing the main materials, such as the floor or the upholstery - fabrics, wallpapers, wood.
If you want the room to have sense of seriousness and formality, go for the palette of cool and neutral colors.
For a timeless effect, choose a neutral background and create contrasts in tones and volume.
For places you want to be lively, for example a play room, use warm and clean colors.
When peace of mind is required, such as the bedroom, cool colors in neighboring tones will help you get the result you want.