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Fabrics determine the style of the room, so their choice needs your attention. Find small tips here to make sure that whatever you choose the result will be impressive.

When choosing fabrics for curtains do not be stingy. To make beautiful folds, a curtain must be three times wider than the width of the window when the fabric is thin and twice when the fabric is heavy.

For sofas and generally large surfaces you can use monochrome fabrics or prints with large patterns. Large geometric patterns look strict, but if you combine them with small prints in the same colors, they become lighter.

Pay special attention to colors and patterns and make sure they are combined with each other. The combinations do not have to be harmonious. You can also create strong contrasts by using warm and cool colors together.

Try to avoid exaggerations. If, for example, you have an impressive rug, let it prevail and frame it with curtains and covers in a more discreet style.