rug 2


The first carpets were made to meet the practical and religious needs of the peoples of the East, thousands of years ago. Nowadays they are a necessary functional element, but at the same time they decorate the floor, offer warmth in the room, reduce noise and highlight the furniture.

The cost of genuine handmade rugs is high, so you should pay attention to the certificates of authenticity and trust reputable stores.

Keep in mind that under the strong lights of an exhibition center the color of a rug looks several tones lighter than in your living room.

Before choosing a rug you need to decide whether you want it to be a focus point in the place or to play a minor role. In the first case, choose a rug with bright patterns and colors, while in the second, prefer something neutral.

If you are starting to decorate a room from the beginning, first choose the carpet and based on it the curtains and other fabrics of the place.

Accurately calculate the dimensions of the space you want to cover, especially make sure that it will not prevent doors from opening.

Do you have small children, pets or do you often invite people home? Then opt for a carpet in earth tones with small dense patterns that do not look easily soiled.

For a room where many patterns are intertwined, choose a monochrome carpet, in one of the colors available in the space.