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If you have just started to think about decorating your home and your living room is first on the list, you may be trying to create a harmonious and attractive ensemble.

A common problem that many faces are that they do not know how to place their living room furniture. Most of the time they put a sofa against one wall, two armchairs on the other and that's it. But the arrangement of the furniture is something that requires a little more planning. There are important parameters to consider, such as choosing a point of interest, creating chat areas, and getting in mind traffic flow.

Before buying any furniture, measure the available space. You do not want them to be too big or too small, so it is best to prepare a floor plan in advance. Draw the outline of the room on a piece of paper. Try placing the furniture in different positions and see what works best visually.

Determine the point of interest and place the furniture around it. In some rooms, the point of interest may be a building feature, such as a fireplace or a window, and in some, it may be something you choose, such as a TV.

Consider that the seats should be positioned so that your guests can chat comfortably. People need to be able to talk to each other without straining their necks or shouting. If the space is large enough, you may want to create a few different areas of communication.

Do not forget the flow of traffic. Do not overfill the living room with furniture. Limit yourself to the basics and make sure you leave enough free space for you to move comfortably between them.

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