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What should concern customers when choosing furniture for their living room, are the construction materials. In order for a sofa to be durable and used for many years must be made of the proper materials.

As for the frame, the best choice is beechwood. It has the greatest durability and duration over time. It is hardwood, the structure and texture are ideal, it prevents deformation due to the high density and hardness, and finally, due to the nature of the wood, its compounds are more durable compared to any other wood.

For the lining, the rubber on the seat cushions in combination with the feather on the back is preferable. The rubber offers stability in the seat while the feather comfort. In addition, the feather makes the sofa look fluffier and more welcoming.

Large pieces, such as a four-seater sofa, are more prone to warping, but they can be just as durable as smaller ones as long as they are properly constructed. In this case, ask what additional measures the manufacturer has taken.

The choice of sofa cover depends purely on your taste and the use. You have a lot of choices. Chenille, with a soft texture but quite a delicate fabric. Highly durable and hypoallergenic cotton. Brocart, for a sense of luxury with also great durability. Linen, natural and cool. Velvet, classic and soft. In the market, you will also find a special category of fabrics with special treatment so that they do not get dirty easily (you will ask for them in a stained manner). Finally, there is the choice of leather., In the past, it was used only in professional areas, but nowadays it is very common in residential too.

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