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They may not take up much space, but if they are beautiful and well-designed, they can make a statement in your living room.

Coffee tables. They are placed in front of sofas and armchairs and their height is usually slightly lower than the height of the seats. Their length should also be about half to two-thirds of the length of the sofa. Alternatively, instead of one coffee table, you can try using two or three smaller tables or stools to achieve the same result. Just make sure they are not too small. People sitting around should be able to lean over or grab a glass without having to get up from their seats. Also make sure that there is enough space for the legs between the seats and the tables: 30 or 40 cm is enough. If you like to eat while watching TV, a relatively high table with a fairly large surface will suit you.

Side tables. Side tables are usually a complementary purchase after the living room is completed. The number you need depends on how many seats you have. They are placed on the side of the sofa or between armchairs and should be about the same height as the arm of the armchair or sofa next to them.

Tables with drawers and shelves are very practical and can accommodate magazines, newspapers, remote controls, and everything else in your living room.
Furniture that can play more than one role is very useful especially if space is limited. A stool that can also be used as a table is a good choice in this case.
Also if your space is limited, avoid tables with sharp corners, which can very easily cause accidents.