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Find out the new technologies in the field of lighting and use it properly to create the right atmosphere. Lighting completes the decoration of the house and will help you to highlight each place.

The most common mistake a lot of people make is asking for a lighting study when the electrical installation has already been done. It is advisable to consult a lighting expert while your place is still in plans.
To properly illuminate a space requires a combination of direct and indirect lighting.
The light sources must be distributed in the space in such a way as to cover many different scenarios depending on the needs of the occupants.
For example in the living room we need different lighting when watching TV, different when reading and different when sitting with friends.
Special attention should be paid to the kitchen. When we work the light source should be above the work area and not behind us.
Stairs also need attention. The lighting there should be stable because the alternation of light and dark areas can very easily cause accidents.
The new trend in lighting is the use of color. Because each color affects our psychosynthesis differently, with the appropriate use we can use it either to relax or to keep us awake.
In terms of new technologies, LEDs are the newest in the field of lighting. The tiny bulbs that were originally used as indicator lights have also been included in the luminaires. Their big advantage is their lifespan which is almost five times that of a halogen lamp and the fact that they consume much less energy.
The evolution of electronic systems allows us to replace the classic switches with easy-to-use controls that allow us to program the lighting throughout the house or when we want to leave, turn off all the lights at the touch of a button.
For the outdoors, there are now systems in which we can insert information about the geographical location of the house and thus know when the sun rises and sets all year round.