Above all kitchen must be functional. Choose kitchen furniture with accessories and special mechanisms that will allow you to make the best use of space and will facilitate your everyday life. The materials must be durable and especially resistant to moisture and high temperature. In terms of appearance, choose kitchen furniture that will match the decorating style of the rest of the house and your way of living.


Put everything in order

Start with removing from the kitchen what is not necessary there, including out-of-season items.


Choose the color carefully.

Bright colors lift our mood and predispose us to creation. But remember that very light-colored cabinets get dirty easily.


Depending on the use

Do you like to cook or do you use the kitchen to prepare your coffee before leaving for work or to make a sandwich? Depending on how often you use the kitchen and how you should choose the materials. For example, stainless steel and glass surfaces create an impressive result, but in everyday use, they will fade quickly.


More comfort

To avoid hurting your back, make sure that the counter and the sink are at such a height that you do not have to bend over while working or washing dishes respectively.


For two reasons

If possible, place the counter near a window or patio door. This way you will take advantage of the natural light and you will work more pleasantly while looking outside.


To see better

In the old apartment buildings, the kitchens are usually small and dark because they face the skylight or the backyard. In case of sunlight does not enter your kitchen, use fluorescent lamps. It is the closest alternative to natural light.


Small but useful

In a small kitchen, take advantage of every hidden corner or recess to place shelves and arrange glasses and small vases.


In a double role

Plant pots with mint, parsley, and basil and put them in your kitchen window. They will be very useful when you are cooking and at the same time, they will decorate the place.


Easy to open

Replace old knobs on cabinets and kitchen drawers with easy-to-use ergonomic handles.


Make sure they are safe

Furniture containing objects or substances dangerous to children should be opened, exerting a force of more than 20 kg on their doorknob.


Mind the corners

According to statistics, most accidents at home occur in the kitchen. To reduce the risk, choose furniture and counters without protruding edges and corners.


The noise is tiring

To be able to work in your kitchen calmly, prefer dishwashers and hoods with low noise levels.


Countertops - materials

The design definitely affects our choices. However, as far as the kitchen counter is concerned, what we should mainly care about is its durability.

In this area, marble has significant advantages over other materials. The main thing is that it does not corrode by moisture. It is also not affected by temperature fluctuations and therefore we can rest on it without fear of hot or cold utensils. It only needs to be careful in its choice. If the marble is not of good quality, there is a possibility that small pieces will come off its surface in the future. The marble that comes from Penteli and Dionysos is the best we can find.

Granite is also quite a durable material. It has about the same advantages as marble and in addition, we find it in many colors. Its only drawback is its cost and that because it is imported from abroad.

The kitchen counter can also be lined with ceramic tiles. They withstand temperature changes and are easily repaired if one breaks. Their disadvantage is that they need care in cleaning, especially the joints.

Bakelite is the most common material today. It is Formica glued with special adhesives on the chipboard. Most people prefer it because it is an economical choice and is produced in different colors so that it fits in any kitchen. To withstand it needs a little care in use. We must not leave moisture on its surface. For example, when we open the dishwasher, it is good to wipe off the water vapor that sticks to the edge of the counter. We should also avoid placing hot pots directly on the counter.

The most modern in terms of materials for counters are Corian. It is a synthetic material that can take any shape we want and if it breaks it is very easy to repair. It is quite durable, made in different colors, and in appearance looks a lot like marble.

Stainless steel, which is widely used in professional kitchens, is also an option for home use. It can be combined with other materials to give the space an advanced design.