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The bedroom should be our sanctuary and shelter. Here you will find the basic rules you should remember when decorating the bedroom.

Choose a relaxing palette of monochrome tones. Use soft versions of your favorite colors in the bedroom. Soft shades of blue, lavender, or green are considered calm and serene.

The ceiling is the fifth wall of a room. Do you like to see an empty ceiling when you lie on the bed? If not, you can add a distinctive pattern or soft color. Paint the ceiling with a slightly softer shade of wall paint. A beautiful ceiling light can also decorate it.

A bedroom should be comfortable and simple, refined, and elegant, regardless of the style of decoration you choose. Equip your bedroom with only what you need. Anything extra is a mess. Start by choosing a bed that is the right size for your room. Remember that it is not necessary to combine it with matching nightstands, especially if the space is small and the extra furniture prevents free movement, the opening of the door or the closet. In order to move comfortably around the bed, to be able to easily change the sheets and to clean, there must be a corridor at least 45 cm wide.

Accessories should be kept to a minimum. A beautiful work of art, some family photos, a few flowers are enough. If you like you can use scented candles, sticks, or oils to decorate and perfume the bedroom area. Prefer floral scents such as mimosa, magnolia, or lily. For deep and restful sleep, chamomile, bergamot, and lavender are the best choices.

Pay special attention to the choice of mattress. Do not hesitate to lie on top, turn left - right and see if it really suits you. It should be hard enough to hold the spine in place, but not so much that it hurts your shoulders or waist when you turn to the side. Make sure all the materials used to make it are natural.

Also do not forget that in addition to the mattress, the pillow must be anatomical. The right pillow plays a big role in a good night's sleep. If it is too hard the pressure will bother you while if it is too soft it will not support you enough. The right pillow should keep the neck in its natural position.

Adequate storage space is essential if you want the room to look calm and spacious. If the last image you see before you close your eyes are stacks of clothes, books, and other objects, you will subconsciously sleep with the thought "I have to tidy up" and your sleep will not be restful. A trunk or low furniture with drawers or cabinets at the foot of the bed provides extra storage space and can also be used as a table. Take advantage of a free wall by placing shelves from floor to ceiling. Free shelves seem to take up less space than a piece of furniture of similar dimensions and you will be able to arrange books and small items.

When it comes to linen, prefer natural materials. Synthetic fabrics need less care but cotton is more pleasant when in contact with the skin.

A nicely dressed window contributes positively to creating the right atmosphere in the bedroom. If you like soft, sheer curtains that allow light to pass through, you can combine them with blackout blinds to avoid the sun when it is very hot in summer or when you want to sleep late.

Include various lighting options. Install a separate switch for each light source so that you can only illuminate the area you want. If you like to read in bed, make sure that the lamp on your nightstand is about 60 cm higher than the surface of the mattress so that your eyes do not get tired.

Regardless of the style of decoration you prefer, choose the equipment of the bedroom based on comfort.

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