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Read below the basic tips you should follow in order to create a beautiful and practical home office.

Whether the workplace at home is in a small bedroom or in the corner of the living room, there are some key elements to keep in mind. Whether you work exclusively from home or just for a few hours, it is important that your office is a comfortable and welcoming place in order to be creative and efficient.

The position is the key. To choose the right place for your home office, think about where and when you do your work. If you are a busy mom, office space in the kitchen may be the perfect place for you. But if you need peace of mind to concentrate, space away from the daily grind and distractions of your household may be best served.

Leave enough space. Make sure you have enough space to work comfortably and that you can easily move, get up, and sit down from your desk. While this may seem easy, we often underestimate the space we need. Estimate a width of at least 150 cm and a depth of 210 cm.

Choice of desk and chair. Choosing the right desk and chair for your home office is essential. Choose a desk that is large enough for your computer and everything else necessary to do your job. Ideally, your desk should have a minimum width of 120 cm. However, if all you need is a laptop, you can get comfortable with a narrower one. The height of the desktop should be between 70-75 cm. Invest in a good quality chair that is comfortable and adjustable if possible. Your neck and back will thank you.

Storage and shelves. Storage is often overlooked when designing a home office and can really affect your productivity. Be sure to include several shelves, filing cabinets, or storage cabinets. Think about your workflow - what comes next, where will it stay while you work and where does it go when done? Place your inbox on or next to your desk. Keep your current job accessible. Have your filing system close. Don't forget the reference materials - if you use manuals, catalogs, or reference books, secure a shelf near your desk to hold them next to you.

Meeting space. Will you have visitors? If you can have a small meeting place, this is ideal. If not, one or two comfortable chairs, which are easy to pull on your desk, are enough.

Natural light and view. Good lighting is critical to any workplace. Choose a location with natural light and views if possible. Place your desk against windows or in a location where your computer screen will not be affected. Translucent curtains can help prevent the sun from dimming you without darkening your room. A suspended ceiling light provides good general lighting. If you work after sunset, however, you will need an extra desk lamp to illuminate the desktop without annoying shadows. What if you don’t have a window with a view? Place a favorite artwork or plaque on the wall above your desk with an encouraging saying. This will relax your eyes looking at something pleasant.

Tame the technology. Nothing makes the home office look messier than the wires that hang from your desk and run everywhere. You can use special channels to hide them and also reduce the number of cables by using as many wireless devices as you can.

Do not sacrifice style! The great advantage of working from home is that you can decide the style of your office. Match your office with the style of your home. Think about what inspires you. It could be a favorite work of art, a collection of objects, or your favorite color. Include these personal touches when designing your home office space. You will work with more fun.

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