navy 5


The fashion for 2021 is to integrate nature into the home. Blue could not be missing from the variety of colors as it is a color that you find a lot in nature and emits serenity. After all, one can realize this by considering how many hours they had "wasted" gazing at the sea. You will see it dominate the walls but also on fabric surfaces. The navy blue will be the shade of blue that will star next year!

According to psychology, it is imprinted in our eyes as a relaxing color, it brings the feeling of peace and tranquility to the human spirit, offering the opportunity for daydreaming. This year, if we want to be in fashion, we must learn how we can integrate it into our space.

This shade of blue, thanks to its versatility, can be used successfully in various rooms of the house. It can also be effectively combined with soft tones or pastel shades of the same color, brown, white, and even black.

If you find it too hazy for your own home, you can simply paint a wall in the room. If you are experienced with color palettes, add some furniture in the same or similar color.

For those who like strong contrasts, you should know that blue goes well with yellow mustard. The volumes of colors, however, do not have to be equal. There should be bluer and less yellow.


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