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What color? The classic question! If you are worried about choosing colors for your home, start by learning the basic rules. They are time-tested and will help you make the best combinations.


60/30/10 It is probably the oldest rule of interior design

Main color 60%. The main color should occupy 60% of the space. This usually includes the color of the wall, the color of the floor (even if it is carpet or rug), and a piece of furniture or two. It may also include window coverings such as curtains and blinds. The main thing to remember is that the main color should dominate.

Secondary color 30%. The secondary color should represent 30% of the total colors of the room. Covering half the surface from the main, the secondary color does not claim attention. But it creates depth and interest.

10% highlight color. The next color should cover one third compared to the secondary and one-sixth compared to the main color. This color is characterized as an accent color. There should be touches of it all over the place to achieve its purpose and cause the eye to follow it.


The role of the color wheel

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The color wheel is a great tool to match colors in the decor. There are two ways to use it.


Neighboring colors

Always group in threes and follow the rule of 60-30-10, you can choose colors that are next to each other in the color wheel. For example:

Green (60%), yellow-green (30%) and yellow (10%)

Yellow-orange (60%), orange (30%) and red-orange (10%) Blue-green

(60%), blue (30%) and blue-purple (10%)

Purple (60%), red-purple (30%) and red (10%).


Complementary colors

Another way to use the color wheel is by selecting complementary colors. These are the two colors that are directly opposite each other. For example, yellow and purple. If you choose this combination, add white or brown for an accent color. If you use the pair of orange and blue, choose black or white for an accent color. Finally, with the combination of red and green, choose gold or silver for accent color.



All you have to do is choose the color you like most and play with its tones and shades. It is an ideal choice when you want to create a calm environment as it leaves no room for tension.


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