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Find here some easy-to-apply tips to make your home look more spacious and more comfortable.

1. Add shelves above the doors.

2. If there are dark spots that make space look smaller, add extra lighting.

3. Use a trunk or furniture with storage space as a coffee table.

4. A low shelf along the back of the sofa offers extra space and an extra surface to lean on your glass or cup.

5. Prefer simple, monochrome curtains.

6. Use the space under windows to place furniture with storage space, such as a low buffet or chest of drawers.

7. Extend outside the house, if you have a yard, balcony, or terrace, forming an outdoor living room - dining room.

8. Reduce bulky furniture to reduce visual clutter.

9. Choose sofas and chairs with low-key upholstery instead of vivid patterns.

10. Install shelves around a window.

11. Reach the shelves to the ceiling.

12. Use the space under a console or a table, placing baskets where you will collect all the little things.

13. Think monochrome. Play with the tones of one color and break the monotony with only small touches.

14. Keep your field of vision open. The farther you can see inside a space, the bigger it looks.

15. Leave the corridors free. Make sure that the furniture does not block the imaginary lines of movement in the space, especially in front of doors and windows.


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