For those who prefer rich colors and are happy to fill their home with items they love, I have good news! Maximalism is here. In contrast to minimalism, it is a style of decoration that seeks individualization and not perfection.

Interior design trends for many years favored minimalism. The strict and austere environment, however, is not for everyone. Some can accept the minimal style only for business spaces, while for their home it feels cold and empty.

Maximalism does not mean clutter or random placement nor does it need to occupy one hundred percent of a room. Just borrow some trend elements to transform your home. There are not many rules for maximalist decoration. All you need to have is a passion for creating a truly unique space.


Be generous with colors

The main ingredient of maximalism is color - in fact, many colors. You can start with a basic color palette and enrich it. Dark colors like black and navy blue are popular wall colors. The secret to balancing the dark color of the wall is to fill the room with bright or vibrant touches and patterns.


Create a wall dedicated to art

Gallery-like walls are also an important feature of maximalism. You can fill every square inch of a wall. All you have to do is make sure the gaps between the frames are even. Besides that, you can forget what you knew about the coordination of the frames, the color, and the themes.


Decorate with items you love

When we are surrounded by the things we love, we feel the space more intimate. Maximalism means more of everything. More of your favorite colors, fabrics, and accessories. To prevent clutter, find some common colors or patterns to repeat in the room.


Books are a must

If you like books, you will love this trend. Maximalism is the dream for book lovers. While other styles usually limit the number of books you can display, here you can have them all in open view. All your books are welcome. There will be no more boxes of books in the garage or attic. Your collection looks great on high shelves, or even on the side tables in the living room.


It has fun

Maximalism could be the perfect decoration style for you if you like happy colors and patterns. Warm color palettes with floral patterns are a must. You can incorporate other decorative styles in your maximalist space, as it goes well with boho, English country, and other happy looks.


Add vintage elements

Your favorite vintage furniture and accessories can easily fit in the maximalist style. Victorian as well as Art Deco decor have lots in common with maximalism, so you will have no problem integrating them into space.


It does not have to be perfect

There is no pressure for perfection here. The maximalist style works best when it is imperfect. Although your decor should have unifying colors or patterns, there is no need to emphasize the matching of furniture or colors - in fact, this is the best part.


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