A large garden or a spacious terrace is definitely ideal for most of us, however even a small balcony, if properly designed, can offer space for beautiful moments with family or friends. Equip it accordingly and enjoy living outside.


  • If a full-size table does not fit, take advantage of the railings by attaching a folding bench or a hanging table to them.
  • To accommodate more people, use stools or chairs that can be easily stacked and stored.
  • Most balconies can accommodate some plants and give life to the wider space.
  • Visit a nursery garden near your home and find out about the options you have and the special needs of each plant.
  • Be well aware of the conditions prevailing on the balcony, ie its orientation or if it is affected by strong winds. In any case, prefer plants that can withstand adverse weather conditions.
  • If your balcony is shady, you should limit yourself to foliage, because flowering plants need sun.
  • To make your balcony look beautiful, be sure to plant the plants in matching pots. It is better to have only white plastic pots, instead of odd ceramic and plastic.
    Make sure all planters have holes in the bottom to drain excess water.
    You need to spend five minutes a day or half an hour a week to control and care for your plants.
    Keep four or five basic plants and use two or three small pots with seasonal plants to renew your balcony every now and then.
    It is better not to accustom your plants to excessive watering. They become demanding and can dry out if you need to get away even for a few days.
    If you are thinking of installing an automatic watering system, you should know that it needs maintenance once a year and you should check its batteries every six months.


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