The home environment plays an important role in our psychology. Decorative options can positively or negatively affect the mood, stress levels, and even the quality of sleep of its occupants.

See here how to decorate your home in a way that will bring you the peace that you often seek in your daily life.


The first impression is decisive. A work of art, a beautiful vase or a favorite decorative object of emotional value in the entrance area will set your mood when you enter the house.


Everything needs space to "breathe". The fuller a house is, the more discomfort and stress it can cause us. Limit yourself to the essential furniture and objects so that they can be seen and highlighted. Also do not put obstacles in front of yourself. If you do not feel comfortable moving around your house, reposition your furniture if necessary so that you can move between them easily.


Lighting plays a big role. In the evening, a place with very bright light can make you nervous. Use lights that selectively illuminate parts of the house, such as a table or a floor lamp next to your sofa, and generally prefer adjustable, low-light lighting.


Simplicity helps. If your furniture has elaborate designs, make sure they have similar colors and vice versa, if there are many and bright colors, limit the designs. The many different colors and designs are stunning, while the less intense ones calm down.


There are alternatives. If you live in the city and there is not much greenery around you, hang large posters on the walls with beautiful landscapes.


Technology needs limits. Take the TV and computer out of your bedroom. Light from electrical appliances can adversely affect your sleep, resulting in increased levels of stress-related hormones.


Imagination makes the difference. Think of a landscape that calms you. If, for example, the sea view helps you, decorate the space with elements reminiscent of it, such as bowls with sand and pebbles, sea wood, or frames depicting beaches. Decorating is a personal matter, so look back on beautiful experiences and moments of the past and in combination with these decorating ideas find what really calms you down.


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