For decades the idea of ​​an elegant home was synonymous with minimalist aesthetics. The concept was easy to implement and even easier to spread. Simple, clean lines, neutral colors, and large surfaces with few decorative elements have dominated for a long time. Minimalism is nice but it was never for everyone.


In recent years we have seen a decisive shift to more maximalist styles culminating in a new trend called cluttercore. Those who have been oppressed so far trying, often in vain, to control their natural tendency to maximalism, now is the time to take their revenge.


Cluttercore can be described as a creative and marginally controlled mess. It combines wallpapers and wooden surfaces, colorful pillows, souvenirs, candles, small frames, baskets full of small things, pots, and everything else you can imagine. It requires you to dare something unconventional and original, mixing different colors and patterns and assembling many, unmatched - seemingly - objects in the same space.


The accumulation of many numbers, but also different in terms of style, accessories are not just allowed, it is required. Decorative items retro or new, exotic or romantic, purchased or handmade are all welcome, as long as there are a lot! The aim is to give a sense of informality and authenticity and the impression that we are traveling to distant destinations and old times, without even leaving the doorstep of our home.


To capture this mood in your home, decorate all the rooms of the house with the souvenirs from your vacation, or the treasures you discovered in a bazaar. Hang hats on the wall and use your grandmother's old trunk to decorate a corner. Also, two or three old suitcases, one on top of the other, can play the role of a small side table or nightstand. Fill the space with wicker baskets, plants, candles, and all the decorations we mentioned above. And remember: in this style, everything goes.


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