A nostalgic style that started, as usual, from clothing tends to become popular in interior design.

There is something incredibly charming about 70s style decorating. From the cheerful colors to the bright, striking prints, this decade was typical of home decor. With the rise of maximalism there are many ideas from the hippie era that find application today. While an overdose of nostalgia can sometimes reach the limits of kitch, a touch of psychedelic inspiration is a great way to bring a 70's element to your home.


A bold entrance


A warm color like orange or red is a great choice to decorate the entrance of the house and enough to give the style of the 70s.


A groovy living room


Enter the atmosphere of the era by choosing an eccentric, bold piece and frame it with more "quiet" objects.


Mix and match


The maximalist mood best expresses this style. Try mixing bright patterns and colors to achieve a 70's look at home.


Rich colors


If you have never tried yellow or orange, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. There are so many combinations you can make.


Psychedelic patterns


If you really want to adopt the style of the '70s, dare frames with psychedelic designs in a variety of colors and shapes to create a point of interest. If you are afraid of it, start with a small board on a wall.




At that time terazzo was prevalent everywhere. Now it makes a dynamic come back and finds its place again not only in floors, kitchens and bathrooms but also objects and decorative accessories.

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