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If you think that polka dots refer to the Mini Mouse bows and belong to children's areas, it is time to review. The emblematic retro polka dots are returning dynamically and are one of the most popular trends in interior design. They are adorable, cute and timeless.They find application in many fabrics, furniture, home accessories and decorative items.


Classic choice

polka dots1

There is nothing more classic than black and white polka dots. It has been worn by Grace Kelly, Sarah Jessica Parker and everyone in between. The same classic touch that gives this pattern to the clothes, applies to the decoration of the house. For a little finesse, instead of white and black, choose a combination in neutral shades or white and navy blue.



Polka dots but not exactly

polka dots2

Perfect circles are not for the faint of heart. You try patterns that look hand-painted, the dots are not all the same size, nor are they round in shape.



Combination with other patterns

polka dots3

Polka dots can be wonderful as a component of a room filled with more sophisticated patterns. Keeping the color range constant, you can play with polka dots, stripes or even flower prints.



The role of size

polka dots4

When the scale of the dot is small, the more it looks like a monochrome texture from afar and the pattern is revealed only up close. If the space is large, dare larger polka dots. Especially if you want a more casual and playful mood, prefer polka dots in bright colors.



In small doses

polka dots5

Useful objects and decorative accessories can make their presence aesthetic and give character to an, otherwise, neutral space.


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