This decade, in terms of music, took off, while in the field of interior design it probably failed. It is not surprising that we fell into the relative calmness of 2000. But today people in their thirties look back on their childhood with nostalgia. A bamboo armchair reminds them of their grandfather, while a kitchen made of dark wood is the same as mom's. So the '90s are back in a light (thankgoodness!) version.

Dreaming beds


Unlike in the 90's, when the four-poster beds had a flywheel and a fairy house look, today's mosquito net compositions are subtle.


The return of rattan


Old school pieces, when combined with vintage accessories, prove to be particularly elegant.


Fringes in a different mood


Wait before you say how your nerves got. They return with a boho mood in wall decorations and lighting fixtures.


Wooden cabinets


Our white kitchens are over. Kitchen cabinets are inspired by those of the 90's and it turns out that wood is never outdated.


Brown walls?


If this option still seems old-fashioned to you, consider a little gray, white and the right accessories. Now it is trendy right?

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