As every designer knows, the use of color is a science itself and can dramatically change the aesthetics of a room. Colors evoke different moods in people and while one person may love the use of black, another may hate even the idea. Here are some ways to incorporate black into your home interior.


Give prestige


Black is a color that can not be ignored. It is bold and dramatic. When used sparingly, it can add elegance to any space.


Create contrast


When combined with white or shades of gray, the contrast enhances the effect created by black.


Dare with black and red


This modern bedroom shows what an amazing combination of black and red can do.


Black in the bathroom?


Water, depending on its hardness, leaves spots on black surfaces. If you have the patience and time to take care of it, a black bathroom can be really bright.


In the kitchen


Black cabinets in the kitchen are very sophisticated, especially when combined with wooden surfaces. Black benches are also a very popular choice.

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