Have you noticed that furniture and architectural elements have started to curve? A look at pinterest posts will confirm that. After many years where straight lines inspired by 20th century modernism were the norm, as well as synonymous with a modern style, the trend is changing in the opposite direction. A new era begins in which features such as curves and arches, once considered old-fashioned, return triumphantly. The explanation is quite simple - the curves are playful and fun. They reflect our desire for a welcoming, comfortable and also happy home. After the difficult years we have gone through, we need it.


In the living room


If you have the space, try a curved sofa instead of the well-worn corner one.


In the dining room


Rotundas remain a timeless value, only their design is modernized.


In the kitchen


Workplaces, such as the kitchen, usually have the most accidents. A curved island means fewer hits at corners.


In the bedroom


If you want the effect of a curve but your round bed looks too extreme, try a circular mattress base.


In the bathroom


Washbasins and bathtubs with curves create the feeling of relaxation that we ask for from the bathroom space.


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