The incorporation of furniture and decorative accessories from other eras into a modern home always evokes a sense of nostalgia. Shabby chic, French country, art deco are some of the styles that exert an old-fashioned charm in many people. It is difficult to achieve modern objects with the design details of an antique.

Wooden floor


Especially the wide wooden floors are perfect for houses in vintage style. The wider boards show more pink and imperfections. These touches add rustic charm and make a space unique.


Pastel color palette


Neutral colors such as white, cream and beige with light gray and pastel blue, pink or lilac.


"Distressed" furniture


Furniture that is either naturally or artificially damaged works perfectly in a vintage atmosphere. Seats, closets, bedside tables and tables are ideal for this role.


Floral patterns


Must for any retro aesthetic. You can choose from upholstery, decorative pillows and even bedding.


Crystal chandelier


If you want to add a touch of vintage glamor and prestige to your space, a crystal chandelier is a must.

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