caracter 6


In infinite tones and also so many shades, each color has a different character. Find the one that suits best your living space.

YELLOW: The color of the sun and light, is a source of life and joy. It distracts us from quite a distance and is visible even to those who cannot tell differences between colors well.
BLUE: Dynamic and youthful, the color of the sky and the sea, urges us to dream. To play this role, however, it must be bright and cover a large enough area.
RED: Symbolizes love, passion, action, and power. It has vitality and energy. In a room can be used to add a tone of formality.
ORANGE: Combines the vibrancy of red with the transparency of yellow. Creates a festive mood and represents immediacy and sincerity.
GREEN: Balances between bright yellow and dark blue. It calms us, calms our soul, and is a symbol of nature. It is no coincidence that it is the only color that our eyes can withstand in large quantities.
PURPLE: Combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. It expresses spirituality, mystery, and creativity. It is usually the choice of teenagers. In a room, small doses of purple can give an artistic mood.
WHITE: Actually it is not color, it is rather the absence of color. It symbolizes innocence, faith, and creates a sense of purity.
BLACK: Unlike white, black is the sum of all colors. It shows strength and elegance. Its mood is strict and adds seriousness to a room.

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